Emile Abraham is Testing Stradalli Cycle White R7 Frame

Emile_4_7_2015Emile Abraham, the team leader for Texas Roadhouse-Stradalli Cycle will be racing on the brand new White R7. Abraham has a long and impressive resume in Pro cycling since 2001 with nearly 40+ wins including his home race, the tour Trinidad and Tobago International and has won races all over the world. Currently Abraham is the first pro cyclist to test out the new R7 and was very impressed:

“It handles great, I feel comfortable but I love how it also feels durable when I am pushing. Some bikes may feel a little loose or wobbly but the White R7 feels sturdy and I like that.”

Abraham was specifically chosen by Stradalli Cycle owner Tom Steinbacher to be the first pro cyclist to try out the new bike.

“When you can pick anyone to test out a new bike are you going to go with someone who is just getting into the business or someone who has been on every type of bike known to man, has won races on them and competed at the highest levels of this sport? I wanted Emile because if he said it was a good bike that was the only endorsement I would need. He loves the bike, he’s starting to use it in races and I’m sure he’s going to swipe a few jerseys this year with it.”

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